Since 2003, the vast majority of filming and writing, and all of the editing, stem from the mind of John Hartman. However, the performers (actors, dancers, musicians, performance artists) and basic production, emerge from a VERY long list of creative contributors. In that sense, Reel Groovy Films is a collaborative film creative.boot kickAlthough our films vary from Z grade productions to polished works for hire, Most Reel Groovy Films are created in the guerilla film making style. The results are often whatever the impulse dictates at the time, with loosely written outlines and/or a basic shot list. We often ignore the script (if there is one) and see what the Universe wants, as opposed to preconceived notions. Often there is danger involved, because unsafe art comes with a risk. Safety marshals are usually avoided. This process seems more natural for us and usually works out great. No one has ever been seriously hurt. Those who have been rattled often come back for more, because they know the risk and accept the challenge. Much of the “writing” occurs in post production, which is usually what most filmmakers/writers tackle first. This has been termed, “third-eye film-making,” and has little room for conventional rules or film school constrictions. That approach works for many, of course, but for us it is usually counter intuitive, because predictability in film often equates to artistic suicide.

These journeys are often more important than the final product ~ a world of avant-garde super 8, VHS and digital shorts, features, webisodes, documentaries and music videos — exploring various cultures, people, locations and time. The experimental and surreal nature of these works lend themselves to the art-house scene.

In an effort to offer an alternative to the mainstream, Colorado/Massachusetts visual artist and filmmaker John Hartman likes to take viewers through a unique and dark tunnel before arriving at a positive solution. Hartman, master of location with an eye for color and alternative angles, works in digital and film formats, both long and short form, experimental, documentary, and narrative. Short super 8mm films are his favorite medium, and although friends with all constituents of the entertainment industry, he prefers to work with the counter culture – the more alternative, the better. Zee Zarbock.

© Copyright 2017 John Hartman of Reel Groovy Films Distribution, LLC. All Rights Reserved. No content from this website may be republished in any form without written permission from John Hartman of Reel Groovy Films. Please contact reelgroovyfilms@gmail.com for details.

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