WILD Exploration

Anything from abandoned drive-In Theaters, to storm drain tunnels, to building shanties in the forest. This page examines Urban, Suburban, and Subterranean Exploration, where “No Trespassing” signs need not apply.

I first began recording these excursions (in journals as sketches and writings) in the year 2000, as I hitch-hiked around New England, Colorado, and Canada. Filming such endeavors began in 2007. Below are the films from the earliest to latest explorations. These films speak for themselves.

The film, below, is one of several episodes of Van Life, which (in 2013) took three of us around the South West, living in a small 1987 Vanagan. As a cameraman/editor for hire, where we explored was out of my control, which made it all the more exiting.

2017 ~ Planning another bicycle excursion From Cambridge, Massachusetts to Scranton, PA. I hope to discover more abandoned drive in theaters, warehouses, and what I seldom come across, but what Pennsylvania is loaded with: abandoned coal mines.